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Vegan Southern Comfort Food in Beautiful Nashville

Vegan Chick'n Fried Chick'n with Mac & Teez and Greenbeans

Sweet Potato Biscuits with Mushroom Gravy

Nashville, Tennessee. Home of my two favorite things; good music and good food. I knew when I traveled down to Nashville I HAD to find some vegan comfort food. To no surprise, there were a ton of restaurants that offered delicious vegan options.

For dinner, we decided to hit up the all vegan join, The Southern V. First off, the inside of this diner was extremely cozy and inviting. I had a difficult time choosing what to eat here as everything on their menu sounded delicious. For those who like their Chick'n hot, they do offer a Nashville hot selection. I settled on the Chick'n Fried Chick'n which was a killer choice. The crunch and overall taste of this dish was extremely enticing. I had no shame finishing the entire meal. Their Mac and Teez was not my favorite I've had, but it absolutely hit the spot for my cheesy craving. I will be coming back to this spot anytime I find myself in Nashville.

For breakfast, we were delighted to find the coffee shop right by our airbnb offered an amazing selection of vegan choices. The Post East had that hipster coffee shop vibe, which I always feel right at home in. Their coffee was so good we went back twice during our stay. Months later, I am still craving their Sweet Potato Biscuits. These biscuits melted in my mouth. I am not a fan of mushrooms, but they do an amazing job at blending their flavors of the gravy to excite any taste buds. Even if this coffee shop is a little out of your way, I promise it's worth the visit.

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