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Vegan Grocery List

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

A friend contacted me with a really great idea for a blog post! She was interested in seeing what I typically buy at the grocery store on a fully vegan diet. Typically, I will try to stock up on groceries to last myself and my boyfriend about 2 weeks. Make sure you are always checking the label if you’re unsure if a product is vegan, many items can be sneaky.

I hope this list can provide some great insight on how to have a steady vegan diet. Let's get shopping!

  1. Produce: I get lots, and I mean lots. We buy minimum 4-5 different types of fruit which is one of my favorite things to snack on. Can never go wrong with fruit salad. I also try to stock up on a wide variety of produce to toss into any dish throughout the week, or even cook them up as a side. Sweet potatoes are one I always have on hand since they can be super versatile, are full of nutrients, and last for a while on the shelf. Bags of onions are another to keep on hand as well as garlic, since they can go in almost every dish. I use spaghetti squash as a substitute for pasta for low carb meals. Produce will obviously vary depending on your likings, but I will toss them in pasta dishes, make veggie strir-fry, mac & cheez with veggies, salads, so much more. It's very important to eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies to get your body all the nutrients it needs.

2. Protein: 2 packs of tofu can usually be found in my cart at a time. Every once in a while I buy a pack or 2 of tempeh (I have a few recipes with tempeh in the blog). Veggie Turkey Deli Slices by Lightlife is used for sandwiches for lunch. We keep a couple packs of Beyond Burgers on hand, especially in the warmer seasons to grill. Gardein products are also great to keep on hand for easier dinners during the week. I love to get Alpha Chick'n Patties to make with pasta dishes (I bake them and add marinara and vegan cheese to make a chicken parmesean)

3. Canned/Boxed Goods: I keep cans of beans on hand at all times. Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans(chickpeas), and pinto beans are usually my go to. I find it handy to have crushed tomatoes and vegetable broth in my pantry as well. Peanut butter is a must for me, and my partner loves pb&j sandwhiches for lunch. Boxed vegan mac & cheez is great to keep on hand for easier dinners ( I will sauté veggies to add in with it). Both Dayia and Annies brand are delicious. And of course pasta/pasta sauce and rice/quinoa are a must. The Asian and Indian food sections often have great sauces to use for stir fry's and curries that you can find vegan. Oatmeal and vegan cereals can make for easy, healthier breakfasts!

4. Fridge and Freezer Items: Plant based milk of your choosing. Since we stock up for a couple weeks, I usually grab a few at a time or big jugs if available. Vegan butter, cream cheese, and cheeses can typically be found together and are always in my fridge. I grab big bags of frozen fruit that I use with protein powder in smoothie bowls for breakfast everyday. Frozen corn is nice to have since I use it in many crockpot dishes. Non-dairy ice cream finds it's way into my cart every now and again. The protein items listed above also fall into this category.

5. Breads: Sandwich bread, burger buns, and tortilla shells can be easily frozen, and I always buy them as whole wheat (as well as any other breads I may get like bagels). When I plan on making Indian style foods during the week, I like to grab a pack of naan bread. Pizza dough is fun to use for homemade pizzas.

6. Snacks and Misc.: I keep a bag or two of granola in the pantry to eat in my smoothie bowls for breakfast. Nature Valley and other granola bars are good snacks on-the-go. We love chips and salsa so that is almost always a snack we grab. Biena Chickpea Snacks are another healthier snack option that I enjoy keeping around. Pita Chips/veggies and hummus are another go to of mine. I love getting chocolate hummus and strawberries for a healthier sweet snack. And of course plenty of other chips can be found as vegan.

That's about it for a basic overview of my bi-weekly grocery shopping! Happy shopping.

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