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  • Payton Pinsky

Pigs Mind Brewery | Plant-based Brewery in Rockford, IL

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and I needed to get out of the house a bit. Since there is not much to go out and do during these times, we decided to take the hour drive up to Rockford, IL and do some carry-out from Pig's Mind Brewery. I have been dying to try this all plant-based brewery for a while, and I can definitely say the food met my expectations.

Let's start with my favorite item we tried, the Jalapeno popper egg-rolls. These were everything you could want in an appetizer. Crunchy on the outside, gooey and soft on the inside. The egg-rolls themselves were not spicy, but the ghost pepper ranch on the side added the perfect kick. These were stuffed with a vegan cilantro kream cheeze, american & chedda cheeze, and roasted jalapenos. Highly recommend starting your meal with these bad boys.

Not a fan of jalapenos? They also offer fried pickle egg-rolls. These are stuffed with a pickle stick, garlic, and a cheezy blend. Also served with the ghost pepper ranch. For pickle lovers like me, these are one of the tastiest ways to enjoy them!

Another app we tried which you can see below is the buffalo cauliflower. The buffalo flavor was seriously delicious, but I personally enjoy my buffalo cauliflower with much more breading, which these said they come lightly breaded.

They do offer a vegan wing app I will have to try next time.

A special they were promoting for the weekend was Bbq Porky Tot-chos (below).

This dish featured tater tots topped with house-smoked bbq soy curls, cheezy sauce, jalapenos and fresh coleslaw. This dish was filled with the most flavor out of everything we tried. This is a pretty large dish so it's perfect to share or even enjoy as a main dish! A truly unique take on nacho toppings.

To my top and my right is a Nashville Hot Chickn Sand-which with Mac and Cheez. I enjoy the flavor of Nashville Hot because it's never too hot, but adds a unique spicy flavor that's different than your typical buffalo sauce. I loved that this sandwich came on a whole wheat bun as well. You can order their chickn sandwich plain, bbq style, buffalo, or hot so there is an option available no matter your style. The mac and cheez was also very tasty, but I wouldn't have minded a little more cheezy-ness. They do offer some mac and cheese entree's that I am dying to try.

We of course had to grab some beer to try as well. The Vanilla Bitch Slap tasted like cream soda and was light and refreshing. We brought a few other bottles home but I cannot wait for the day to get to sit inside their brewery and enjoy more of their delicious food and drinks.

If you are beer and food lover, than I hope you one day find yourself in Rockford, IL to enjoy Pig's Mind Brewery. Check out their entire food menu and drink menu to see all they have to offer.

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