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  • Payton Pinsky

No Bones Beach Club | A Beachy Hideaway in the Windy City

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

When you think of Chicago, you typically don't think of surfboards, piña coladas, and the ocean, unless you've had the pleasure of experiencing No Bones Beach Club.

This hidden beach-vibe getaway has become my favorite place for Vegan Food in the Windy City (and trust me, there's plenty of competition). The fun decor, energizing lighting, and chill music instantly welcomes you when you walk in. The ever changing specials on the menu keep it an exciting new experience for your taste-buds during every visit. And to top it all off, they choose new charities focused on animals monthly to donate too. So you're eating great food and you're doing it for a great cause.

When I first made the transition to vegan, I never thought i'd be eating chick'n wings, mac and cheese balls, and crab cake sandwiches. Thanks to places like No Bones Beach Club, even us vegans can get down and dirty in some delicious comfort foods. Even my not fully vegan boyfriend has claimed that their restaurant is his favorite place for food in the city.

Not sold on them yet? Just check out my photos below of some of the amazing foods I've been blessed to try. The Chicago location is the third one on the map, so anyone on the east coast should be happy to discover this amazing restaurant in both Seattle and Portland.

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