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  • Payton Pinsky

Kale My Name | Chicago's Newest Plant-Based Hot Spot

I get so excited whenever I find a new plant-based food joint to try out. Kale My name opened this past April on the northern side of the city. Their menu is globally-inspired and features dishes of all styles from around the world! Their brunch menu sounds like something dreams are made of so I cannot wait to go back and try some more items from them.

We went here on a date night with some friends and were able to sit on their back patio. They have plenty of space back there and even host live music on Monday nights! It is blocked off by a tall fence so you feel fairly secluded from the city. The décor is cute and the staff was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable about the menu. The restaurant is BYOB so we brought along some tequila and ordered a "Margarita Mock-tail" which was a nice treat.

Our meal started with the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings as an appetizer. 9/10 times when this is an item on the menu, we order them. I can easily say these were some of the best cauliflower wings I have ever tried. The breading was perfect and the buffalo sauce was sweet yet had the perfect kick to it. Paired with their homemade ranch, you cannot go wrong with an order of these babies.

The tough decision of deciding what to eat for your main dish. I ended up going with the Southern Supper (photo #2). I was shocked at how much food came in this dish! The main course was more of the breaded cauliflower with a side of BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce, and ranch. The dish also features a mac and cheese ball (YUM), quinoa, and garlic kale. I am not a big fan of Kale, but they sautéed it to perfection and the garlic was a perfect flavor additive. I had a feeling since "Kale" is in their name that they would do it up good. This dish did not disappoint.

My boyfriend is a lover of Alfredo, so of course he had to get their Alfredo dish for dinner. This dish came with a creamy sauce topped with broccoli, red pepper, kale, and sun dried tomatoes. Of course I had to try a few bites and was very impressed with their sauce. Alfredo is something I have a hard time mimicking in my own kitchen, but they did a phenomenal job.

The couple who joined us for our meal went with the Big Daddy Special (photo #4) and the Homemade veggie burger. The Big Daddy Special definitely came out like a big daddy meal haha. The dish featured 2 Beyond Sausages with grilled onions, relish, and mustard to top. The Homemade Veggie Burger is a base of beats and mushrooms topped with (vegan) cheese, your usual burger toppings, and their special homemade sauce. The only part of this meal that wasn't outstanding with flavor, was the French fries. While they tasted great, because it takes a lot for fries to not be amazing, they definitely appeared to be cooked in a bit old of an oil. If that was the least amazing part of the meal, that is a win for me!

Meat eaters and plant-based foodies alike can find a dish that will make their taste buds explode at Kale My Name. From brunch, to dinner and deserts, to everything in between, Kale My Name is a place I look forward to returning to again and again.

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