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Colorado | A Vegan Dreamland

Colorado has stolen my heart since the first time I visited years ago. From the beauty of the mountains, to the killer music scene, to the amazing food; there is something for everyone to enjoy in the mountain state. For vegans especially, there is an endless amount of food to try, even in the hidden away mountain towns.

I finally got to try Denver Vegan Van for the first time last weekend after eyeing their creations for a year or so. Every week, they come up with a creative new menu that often reflects your favorite treats from places like Taco Bell, KFC, Panda Express, and more! The Uncle Phil sandwhich above is what I settled on after a few minutes of staring at the menu (and wanting to try one of everything). The first photo is taken from Denver Vegan Vans Instagram page, and the second is what my meal came like. I can easily say this was the tastiest sub I have ever eaten in my life. The sandwich came with a slice of watermelon and a choice of another side as well, making it a well rounded and filling meal. The only downside I could say of this meal is the corn was a bit overcooked, but still an enjoyable treat. If you are in Colorado, or plan to travel, make sure you keep an eye on their ever changing menu and have fun hunting down the van!

We headed to Boulder one evening to enjoy some incredible food at the vegetarian and vegan joint, Leaf. The meal started with some of the softest bread I have ever eaten, dipped in a delicous olive oil.

On the left is their Orange Cauliflower, and it was easily the best cauliflower dish I have eaten. The cauliflower had the perfect crunch to it, and the orange flavor did not overpower all the other spices in the dish. It came ontop of a tofu and veggie fried rice with boiled broccoli to top. If you are a fan of asian-inspired dishes, the Orange Cauliflower is a must.

To the right is the Jackfruit Enchiladas topped with vegan cheese. Warning!! This dish is extremely spicy. I love a good spice to my foods but I will tell you that I was not prepared for the heat that came with this dish. That being said, the flavor was amazing and the spice did not stop me from finishing the entire plate. The mexican style rice and radish salad help to cool down the main entree a bit as well.

Leaf's menu had a ton of amazing deserts, including a vegan cheesecake, but after enjoying both of these meals along with fresh bread and oil, I was too stuffed to eat another bite! Looks like I will have to head back to Boulder for round 2 here soon.

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